Title: 2007-07-31T21:18:00
The best chinese restaurant in the area!
Title: 2007-07-18T04:31:00
That 's a good service and food !we like it '
Title: 2007-06-24T02:10:00
Golden Wok is a great restaurant! We take out very often and they are extremely friendly. They even give us free egg drop soup!
Title: 2007-06-13T08:31:00
We've been coming here since it opened and it just gets better and better every time!
Title: 2007-06-13T08:30:00
We've been coming here since it opened and it just gets better and better every time!
Title: One of the better2006-03-22T00:00:00
Golden Wok is one of the better chinese places around here. I used to have a problem with them forgetting to put something in my order, but they seem to have corrected the problem. It seems to be the most reasonably priced, good food. ...?
Title: Welcome to the Somerset County Business Partnership2/9/2015 12:12:20 PM
We are happy to have you as a member of our Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to helping you with your grand re-opening.
Title: can't wait!!!!!!2/7/2015 2:47:56 PM
Been with you guys for years and were always the best people. I have sent so many people to you for your great food. They all ask me frequently where I have been getting my Chinese food from and to be honest I have not been able to settle on a place as good as yours. You always knew me by my order (my wife likes everything plain and I like it extra extra extra spicy) just as I started to tell you. You first knew me as 112 strull ct but have moved a few times since then (my name is Todd). Can't wait to see your friendly smiles and taste great Chinese food again. Thank you. Todd Gandolfe
Title: Great News2/4/2015 3:56:35 PM
We are so happy to hear you will be back in Raritan by the spring. We wish you nothing but good fortune and are very excited to come to your new location!
Title: Hi It's Sue!! Where is the Metuchen Restaurant?2/26/2014 5:17:11 PM
Where are you guys??? What is the name of the Restaurant in Metuchen? Please email me!! We miss you!! Hope you are ok!
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