Title: Hair in my food3/11/2016 1:26:58 PM
I love your food but in my last order I found a piece of a long black hair, that was grossed me out, tell your cooks to cover their heads. Thank you.
Title: 2017/11/22 21:59:52
Title: 2010-12-31T04:55:32.437-08:00
Easily the best Chinese restaurant around these parts! The extra menu items (on top of the typical menu items of all Chinese restaurants) are what makes this place so special. That, and the really wonderful owners!
Title: 2010-11-03T12:35:34.887-07:00
best noodles in soup around. consistent quality and great wait staff,
Title: Best chinese food place around2009-12-09T00:00:00
I've been addicted to their shui ju niu rou for years now, they make the best around! The other dishes on their menu are also amazing! The prices are reasonable and the wait staff is great!?
Title: If you love noodle soups, this is...2009-07-22T00:00:00
the place. If you love hot and spicy dishes, this is the place. If you love traditional Chinese and Taiwanese favorits, this is definitely the place. The ta lo noodle soup is excellent, but the searingly spice shredded beef with chilies will induce ...?
Title: Golden Wok Restraunt in Raritan ,NJ 088692009-03-30T00:00:00
They have very good foods that it taste super good.Plus They have a neat restaurant that is clean very well I must say.So next time go to Golden Wok Restaurant in Raritan , NJ 08869 to eat. ...?
Title: Ask for...2009-03-03T00:00:00
...The salt and pepper shrimp. Best I've ever had. If you read Chinese, they offer a traditional Chinese menu. The waitress recommended the shrimp, which I've had elsewhere but with the shell on, without the shell is the way to go. ...?
Title: Good Food2009-01-20T00:00:00
I have only been here a few times but the food is great and it is easy to get to its right off the highway. I would recommend anyone to go here the chicken and broccoli is good i would also try there green tea. ...?
Title: Best Chinese Place in the Area2009-01-04T00:00:00
What a fantastic find. Strange location, but the food is amazing. I can't recommend this place enough!?
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